Bringing transformative change to our community through a curated research process.
We discuss issues with community activists and leaders, and review past relevant research. We use primary research methods, from surveys and focus groups to econometric data analysis. At the end of our projects, we introduce bills to local and state legislation and create community education campaigns.
Current Projects

Basic Emergency and Response Skills
We are advocating for new RI legislation that will ensure that teachers across the state are trained in a series of “Basic Emergency and Response Skills” (BEARS). These skills include CPR training, bleeding control, and choking protocol.
Mental Health
BIP’s Mental Health research team operates with the ambitious goal of assessing the state of behavioral healthcare in Rhode Island and advocating for data-driven policy prescriptions to improve upon its shortcomings.
Refugee Education
In June 2019, Johns Hopkins published a report detailing the concerning and systemic failures of the Providence public school system. The conclusions prompted the state to initiate its first ever takeover of the school district.
Water Quality
The lead levels of Providence drinking water have exceeded the federal limit since 2007, and we believe it has contributed to growing lead poisoning cases. Our goal is to advocate for equitable full lead pipe replacement.